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Epitome of caring and passionate representation. Melody was referred by a family friend and fellow Christian. She not only represented me successfully, but counseled me personally. She shared personal experiences and reached out to personal and professional contacts to assist in finding therapeutic help that was needed on a personal level. Melody and Casey were all-in on making sure I got the best possible outcome both legally and personally. Not enough good things could be said about my experience with her office. Best money I never wanted to spend and if needed would gladly spend it again. Thank you for everything ladies!

-Jason DiFilippo

Today I retained Colby Berry a fellow attorney @ Melody Edwardo , PLLC In regards to a minor criminal offense. The conversation was short and sweet witch is the way I prefer any conversation to be honest. With that said he had the biggest and most important part of my matter handled in less than 1 hour. From the time I payed him. Mind you the meeting took place at approximately 2pm and by 3pm he had handled the hardest part of my case via court. Now that's impressive thanks Colby I'll see you April 10th my friend. And the staff made me feel right at home I'm truly thankful to have met these professionals. If I may I'd also like to mention that even though attorney Edwardo hasn't represented me personally on any criminal or family law, matters the lady is from what I have personally witnessed rock solid as they come. Meaning the respect she gives & demands in the courtroom clearly isn't giving overnight. Lady's and gentlemen this firm has it together thanks again guys!

-Jay Whitfield

Such a pleasure to work with. They made my case go smoothly and kept me updated every step of the way. Fair and reasonable pricing and friendly employees. The results of my case ended in the best case scenario I could have hoped for! Thank you to the Law Offices of C. Melody Edwardo, I highly recommend!

-Devin Campbell

Melody has represented me for numerous traffic tickets and I have recommended her to several friends and family members. We have all gotten good service, quick phone call turnaround time, and the good results in court. Nobody can ever guarantee an outcome, but Melody knows the law and does her best to get everyone a fair deal. I would definitely hire her again.

-Jessica Coates

Melody and her staff are simply the best. I don't think I could ask for better representation! She speaks for me when I can't find the words! And she knows her stuff! Thank you Melody & Casey! Outstanding service! I highly recommend you!

-Precious Johnson

Melody knows her stuff and just how to get justice. Great lawyer, tough and knows how to get fair results in situations that don't seem fair. Cuts through the unnecessary to get to the heart of matter. Excellent results in my case.

-Stewart Fitzgerald

When my family needed a lawyer we called Melody. That was the best decision we could have made. Melody and her staff were warm, caring and got the job done. Thank you Melody and staff for a job well done.


Melody has worked very hard on my long grocery list of situations in a high-conflict divorce for the last 3 years. She's knowledgeable in family law and criminal court. She's tough and will tell it to you like it is - a straight shooter - whether it's what you want to hear, or not. She's a family woman and takes her career seriously. I trust her with all that is important to me.

-Jennifer Wilkins