Don't Take on Your Legal Situation Alone

Dana Stone

Dana is an energetic and ambitious attorney whose legal career is defined by tenacity, resilience, and resourcefulness. It was her intense dedication to the law that carried her through four arduous years of night law school at North Carolina Central University, where she graduated cum laude in 2016 — and these same traits continue to bring her success in the courtroom today.

Dana and her clients enjoy a mutual level of respect and candor that many claim set her apart from attorneys that they’ve worked with in the past. She finds nothing more intolerable than injustice, especially when leveraged against those who cannot defend themselves. Dana believes that everyone deserves to be treated fairly, regardless of their walk of life, and she relentlessly insists on fighting for justice for her clients. Dana engages in a compassionate yet no-nonsense approach to her cases and finds meaning in helping people through difficult situations.

Her areas of practice include family law, child welfare law, personal injury, estate planning, and civil litigation.